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Hange is from the most recent chapter of Attack on Titan. As such, she can be a bit spoilery! So here's the opportunity for you to opt out. Please comment here if you'd like me to avoid tagging you with any spoilers, or if you'd prefer I not tag you altogether! No hard feelings either way, and this list is for my use only.

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IC Contact | Mask or Menace

❝ Hi! You've reached Dr. Zoë Hange. I can't come to the... phone? Right, phone right now, so please leave a message after the tone! ... Ok, now what button do I pu-- ❞

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Application: Mask or Menace

AGE: 25
JOURNAL: [profile] thanatoast
IM / EMAIL: AIM: FlugelDerFreiheit, Email: twilightess(at)
PLURK: [ profile] holeinmysoul

CHARACTER AGE: Mid 20s? For the sake of putting a number on it, 27.
SERIES: Attack on Titan
CHRONOLOGY: Chapter 57, after talking to Flegel Reeves.
HOUSING: RNG me! Once she finds out that Levi and Erwin are there, though, she'll probably move.

BACKGROUND: Full history is available here.

In summary, the world of Attack on Titan is generally considered to be a post-apocalyptic view of our own world, or one very similar to ours. The entirety of remaining human race (maybe; maybe there are others! WE JUST DON'T KNOW) lives within three 50 meter high walls. These walls protect the humanity from the Titans, giants with an insatiable appetite for human flesh and amazing regenerative powers. Since the appearance of the Colossal Titan, though, only two of the three walls still function; the outermost was rendered useless by a having a giant freakin' hole kicked in it.

Three branches of military help keep the peace in the walled cities. The Military Police serve directly under the king. The Garrison takes care of the walls and serves as a police force for the citizens. The Survey Corps concerns itself with forays into Titan territory in an attempt to reclaim land for humanity, though they have very few successes.

Hange Zoë (who goes by her family name, Hange) is a member of the Survey Corps. For most of the time she is shown in canon, Hange is a Squad Leader with quite a few years of experience under her belt. As of the most recently released chapter, she has been promoted to Commander of the Survey Corps by Erwin Smith. Hange's role in the story is that of the eccentric scientist and 'brains'. While she hates the Titans with as much passion as anyone, she handles it a lot differently, choosing to research and study the Titans to the point of becoming obsessed. She is responsible for discovering many of the secrets of the Titans, including how to properly elicit a Titan transformation and the nature of what Titans really are. Hange's ruthlessness and ingenuity are tantamount to the Survey Corps' plan to overthrow the current, corrupt government.

PERSONALITY: The first thing that people notice about Hange Zoë is that she's a bit eccentric. She's easily excitable, inquisitive, and certainly a bit loud. Contrary to the dreariness of the world she lives in, Hange is a ray of sunshine. She's always excited to go out into the field and interested in the Titans. It is her feelings and actions toward Titans that really set Hange apart from other soldiers. Originally, she hated the Titans as much as anyone else. But one day, after kicking a severed Titan's head and sending it rolling, she noticed how mysteriously light it was. This triggered a change in Hange's view. Instead of just hating the Titans, which had been done to death, Hange sought to understand them and perhaps find new ways to destroy them, and her quest for understanding became an obsession.

A gifted scientist, Hange has a naturally insatiable curiosity and strong desire to find out how the world she lives in works. She gets ridiculously excited when she gets a chance to see and experiment on Titans, especially the Aberrant types. She also seems to get emotionally attached to them, giving a pair of captured Titans names and crying when injuring them. She was extremely distressed when the Titans were killed.

Her view of Titans changes once again with the discovery that they are transformed humans. Hange regrets her past actions, just a bit, but her desire to find out the hows and whys is not lessened. She just realizes she needs to be a bit more tactful when dealing with her experiments. A "bit" being the operative word, as Hange has the tendency to come across as the mad scientist. She gets carried away when experimenting, as shown when training Eren with his Titan abilities. She had to be talked out of continuing the experiment even when Eren was obviously tiring and had been partially absorbed by his Titan. Which Hange thought was totally super cool.

She is not all fun and games and goofy science, however. Most, if not all, of the characters in Attack on Titan are hopelessly broken, and Hange is no exception. Her eccentricity is her coping mechanism, exemplified when she kicks over a table in frustration, only to blame her overreaction on a cockroach when confronted by Eren. Underneath the Titan obsession, Hange is a deep-thinking individual, who is passionate about the future of the human race. Her passion includes doing whatever is necessary to further the goals of the Survey Corps, and ultimately, humanity. She tortured a few men and dangled a priest off the edge of a 50 meter high wall in the pursuit of answers. She does not enjoy these things by any stretch of the imagination, but deals with it by taking note of interesting physiological reactions to torture and by keeping in mind what has to be done.

Like all members of the Survey Corps, Hange is not content with the state of things in her world, not content to live out the entirety of her life inside the stifling walls. She wants to know what's out there, and she wants to know how they got there. Where did the walls come from? Where did the Titans come from? What is their purpose? What secrets is the government hiding? These are all the mysteries Hange Zoë wishes to solve, and more. Additionally, as a members of the Survey Corps, she does not bow to failure. The corps have only known defeat for their entire existence, and Hange can always pick herself up, dust herself off, and move on to plan B. Or plan C. Or plan Q.

POWER: In canon, Hange doesn't have any special powers! Just her intelligence, wit, and years of training with the 3DMG. Since one of the big appeals of MoM is making badass normals into badass abnormals, I have created a set of powers that fit Hange's personality.

Titan Shifting: A power native to her world, this ability allows the user to create and control a Titan body, much like a pilot controls a mech. The human "pilot" is wired into the giant Titan body in the nape of the neck. Hange's Titan will be approximately 7 meters tall with long, lanky limbs and a wide, toothy smile. As all of the Titan shifters in canon seem to have a special ability (Reiner's armor, Annie's hardening ability, Bertholdt's colossal size, etc), Hange's Titan will have bony "spurs"; spikes on her joints, back, toes, and fingers. These bony spines are for defense and offense and allow her to climb efficiently. This power will be very difficult to use, at first. Full transformations are known to wipe the user out for hours, even days, at a time. Hange's ability will be limited to one full transformation every three days. Partial transformations (summoning a single arm, leg, torso, etc) will be limited to one a day. Titan shifters are also capable of acts of regeneration, with minor wounds healing instantly and severed limbs growing back after a while. Hange will possess this ability, but it will be much slower. Wounds will heal in hours, and regenerating a limb will take a month, at least. It will also impact her ability to use her Titan. For example, if she's currently regenerating a limb, she won't be able to transform into a Titan or heal minor injuries.

Flight: The "Wings of Freedom" are the emblem of the Survey Corps. Hange, having devoted her life to the cause of the corps, will be getting her own pair of wings in lovely shades of navy blue and white. These wings are big enough for sustained flight, but Hange will have to practice with them a good bit to build up the necessary muscle memory and bulk for longer flights. A subset of this power (and taking up the third power slot, just in case) is the ability to hide these wings as a tattoo on her back

COMMUNITY POST (VOICE) SAMPLE: [Hello network, how are you today? Because your day is about to get a lot louder. The video function of the device turns on to show a woman's face. She's flushed, sweating, and clearly excited, judging by the way she's positively vibrating. She licks her lips before speaking.]

This. This little device. Do you have any idea, any IDEA how AMAZING this piece of technology is?! Instant transmission of data from one point to another! Text, images, MOVING images with sound! "Video", right? [she wiggles her fingers in excitement] If we had this sort of thing back home… ARRRGGGH!! [Suddenly she seems VERY DISTRESSED! She tangles her fingers in her hair and pulls] THIS LITTLE HUNK OF METAL AND GLASS AND… PLASTIC? IS THAT WHAT YOU CALL IT? IT MAKES OUR SMOKE SIGNAL SYSTEM LOOK LIKE CHILD'S PLAY. I don't know whether to be infuriated and embarrassed by how pathetic where I come from is, or….

[she goes back to smiling and vibrating]

No no no. I'll be happy! Happy, no, ECSTATIC, to be given the opportunity to play with this! Not to mention all of the other amazing technology here! The television! The horseless carriages! The flying machines! The internet! Oh Maria, the Internet! Who invented that?! I want to shake their hand! I want to kiss them! I want to give them my life! It's the most IMPORTANT thing! Such volumes of information, all at the tips of your fingertips! INSTANTLY! [how can one person get this worked up, it's truly remarkable. Is she…? Yes. She's actually steaming] This… this is truly what humanity can accomplish without the threat of Titans, without the government murdering everyone who comes up with an idea that might mess with their precious status quo! Haaaa… I don't think I've ever been happier in my life.

I think… I actually… eeueeeh...

[she doesn't get to finish that sentence as her eyes rolls back in her head and she collapses out of view of the camera, landing with a "thud" on the ground. She got so excited that she just passed out. Eventually the feed times out]

LOGS POST (PROSE) SAMPLE: The conflicting emotions that Hange Zoë felt as she sat atop a tall skyscraper certainly were interesting. Confusing? No way. If there was one thing that Hange was used to, it was dealing with dissonant feelings. On the one hand, she was more wired now than she could remember ever being in her life. Even the discovery of Titan shifters didn't hold a candle to the wonders of the world below her. Cars, electricity, computers, the internet. The roar of a plane overhead was yet another reminder of the technological advances of this world. There was so much to learn, so much for her to do to catch up with the state of things, that she had no idea where to even begin. Perhaps with physics? Physics is the base of all things, after all. The feeling of excitement were overwhelming, but not quite enough to completely hide the other emotions at the back of her mind.

Embarrassment. Shame. Fear. And of course, seething anger. This place was just leaps and bounds beyond everything she ever knew. As she thought about it, she curled up on herself on that rooftop, bringing her knees to her chest and wrapping her wings around her torso. She felt lost, frightened. She was so behind, and she was used to being on the cutting edge. And of course, the anger, the seething rage that always boiled right beneath the surface. This was what humanity was truly capable of. This is what humanity could do. If inventors were allowed to express themselves back home, there wouldn't be a Titan problem. There wouldn't be walls. Humanity would prosper and flourish and drive the Titans back, maybe even find a way to return them to human form! The more she thought about how the King and his damned Military Police had done, all of the ingenuity they'd crushed out like embers under boots, the angrier she got. Would she be able to take any of this knowledge back with her? Would she live long enough to bring technology to the people of the walls? … Would they even accept it?

Or would the military police track her down and stamp out her spark before it could light a fire?

"Does it even make a difference?" she muttered to herself out loud, pulling her goggles up on her forehead so she could rub at her eyes. She sighed.

These were all things she could worry about later. She pushed the negative thoughts out of her mind. Not completely gone, of course. They would have to be dealt with eventually. But there were more pressing matters. Learning as much as she could was at the top of her list. Learning to use her powers… that was right up there, too. She stood up, stretching her arms up toward the sky and her wings out to their full span. They felt so weird. An extra set of appendages sprouting from her back as if they'd always been there! And in shades of blue and white, to boot. Someone had a sense of humor. She adjusted the belts of her maneuver gear; she still wasn't strong enough to get in the air on her own, and a swing with her gear got her up to speed quickly. It seemed to also be helping her build up muscle, what with carrying the extra weight. But it sure did limit her flight time.

Negative thoughts pushed down, temporarily, Hange pulled her goggles back down over her eyes and grinned. "Alright. Three… two…" -- she took the triggers for the cable mechanisms in her hands-- "One… take off!"

With a blast of steam and the whir of cables, she took off from the rooftop with a loud "YAHOOOO!" Swinging from her perch on the skyscraper to the next, she released the cables at the apex of her arc and opened her wings.

FINAL NOTES: The creator of Attack on Titan, Isayama Hajime, has stated that Hange's gender is up to reader interpretation. My interpretation is cis female, so I will be using female pronouns in logs and tags. However, if other muns wish to use other pronouns, I won't ask them to change. I'm EASY like sunday morning.